Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Microsoft OPEN DAYS !!!

Coming to Open days at Chennai on the 19th...It was an awesome experience for all the Microsoft Studnet Partners of the TN region to go,participate,share,and enjoy their experience as an MSP in their college lifetime. We had a gr8 time with the fellow MSP's and had good breakfast and lunch too. The venue was Anna University Alumni center, Guindy, Chennai. We had sessions by Microsoft Professionals and were eager to know more stuff about 'em and we also enquired a lot to Mr.Sid and Mr.Mark. We had some gr8 announcements for the year and were then given the welcome kits and a snack which ended our day at Anna University at around 5:30. Hoping to have a good time in the year,being a Microsoft Partner. !!!

Seeing after long !!!

                         The thing which kept me so long from sharing things n stuff with u, was that I had to attend my semester exams and also now I hav jobs that have to be done for my college's first symposium from the dept. of ECE and EEE.Visit www.ignitron10.tk ,(the website created by me) for more details.
                         Then was busy with the Open Day at Chennai, since there was ticket availability only before 5 days of the event, I had to go 5 days before the event which was on the 19th. I did a gregariareous shopping at Chennai where my best places include Saravana Stores, Pothys, and Jeyachandran a bit. Satisfied with the stuff we got we had to leave Chennai with a "watever" heart. Got 2 days on-duty from my college since it was "Microsoft Student Partners" business. I got my welcome kit and enjoyed a lot too. Let's see about Open days in the next post.

Whats an MSP ??

As said above I am a Microsoft Student Partner...

We had to follow many of their instructions to become one ..
And to upload a video too Indhuja on Youtube !
We are expected to take sessions on Microsoft products and the technologies ..
I was selected to represent my city Salem with others on this October !
 Everyone were proud of me !! 
It was such a gr8 opportunity for me to get introduced to the whole of my college !!!
I took 4 sessions at my college giving them a gist of the Microsoft Technologies .Became famous !!
               This is a screenshot to prove I am one !!
It's on student search on the website .

Under Probation until we reach 150 points
We have to complete our probation by showing ourselves fit for the programme by making 150 pts minimum!
Not any activities ..only those which they specify ! And 
too only 6 of 'em.
And now to everyone's surprise I hav a total of 200 pts with 160 that count for the probation ....
Hope many others come out too !! in b'cumin MSP's !!
There are many advantages u get See here for more: http://student-partners.com/

Reference: www.cbeug.org

Whats MCR ??

Mozilla Campus Rep

Mozilla ,the famous browser firm has been promoting its products by the  MCR or Mozilla Campus Reps Program.

It's kinda open for all but the better u put in the better products u get from Mozilla (swags etc.).Market the product and enjoy many privileges from Mozilla. 

For more detils visit this site : http://www.spreadfirefox.com/campusreps

So if you have some free time why not inform the  world about Firefox?