Thursday, May 6, 2010

The CON Folder Mystery...

The CON folder mystery in Microsoft Windows !!! 
For those who don't know what it is, here it is : 
Create a new folder in ur system name it CON (caps or small)....It doesn't create..isn't it ???
The reason is because keywords cannot be named as file names .... And CON is a keyword in DOS.

And now the screenshot shows my desktop where I've created the CON folder. (It's the whole desktop to prove there are no error messages popping up and the time at the right bottom has my name on it (copyrighted :P) 

The (dirty) secret is that I've renamed it with a space which is done using the invisible folder trick (previous post)

Just rename it as CON and with the alt button down press 0160 on ur numpad !!! As cool as that !!!

The Invisible Folder !!

An Invisible Folder on Ur Desktop Would Look Like This if the cursor is on it :
(left top)

To create an invisible folder u need to make the name disappear then make the icon disappear. For that :

* Create a new folder or just rename the old one.
* With the numlock ON and the ALT button on hold, press 0160 in the num pad on ur laptop or desktop.
* Now the name disappears.
* And now for the folder icon -> Right click on the folder -> customize -> Change icon to the transparent one you find.
* Now this hides the icon too. Enjoy hiding. Do Comment.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Recent Updates : 
While browsing through the internet, out of no-where these arrived in front of me. I just don't remember from where I found em. But sure would be of some use to many of ya. Will update on any other software or plug-in I come across. Share whatever u feel or find interesting !!! I do ....

1.) Bump Top : It is a software for simulating your desktop and transforming it into a 3 dimensional space. Has a cool training in the beginning and yet more options worth trying. Options to increase the size of the icon, to group them, form a grid, etc... Available for download at for 17 mb or the cnet website for 10 mb .Worth giving a try. Things to notice : BumpTop was an already existing software but became public only after Google has earned it !!! Google Rockz as always ...

Download :

2.) Lyrics Plugin : It is a plugin for your Winamp or Windows Media Player which plays your favorite song and this is a plug-in that helps you to sing along !!! displays the lyrics in the window of the player. Download and enjoy singing along !!!