Thursday, September 2, 2010

Virtual KeyBoard for CHROME

This is one cool keyboard I found on the net. An on-screen keyboard but one exclusive for Google Chrome browser. You can find it on this site and it has some cool features as the same as the on-screen keyboard and can be moved around the screen too. 
But the enter and tab keys seem missing. And the num keys aren't present along with the win key which will not be of much use in a browser but yet is a disadvantage. And for ease of use alt and ctrl buttons are merged to give Alt+Ctrl in the plug-in. As said some basic ones in the on-screen keyboard are missing as the Pg up, down buttons, which doesn't add much of a disadvantage to it, only till the guy or girl is to entirely use only the mouse and chrome :P. You can install n try the plugin here : Virtual Keyboard. Supports many languages (when clicked on the tick mark on the keyboard). But they are still working on enhancing it. The "SITE" has much info too. USE IT WELL !!!