Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Qwiki, the Interactive Informant

The new “information experience” !

Basically a short story about your search term, it narrates the script and also displays the best shots regarding the  term. 

Again requires invite ! This fact about invite has sure become an obstacle to people like freelance testers from home. But managed to get it by now and being an alpha user sharing the experience. 

Would be easier in points, let's go:

1. Search for a term and the suggestions drop down, which is almost apt, and I seem to find more. I did a search for Tamil Nadu and I also got my hometown below it. Is it the IP? It knows a million things, but sure knows my hometown ;)

2. Topics related to your keyword are displayed in the form of maps, movies, images, animations and much more to come ! Since this is only the alpha version. 

3. While the movie is playing you can also look for the "Q" symbol on the picture or video demonstrated and get to know related information on it. One can also click on the 'link'ed word on the script to search for it.

4. And after the movie, which can be paused or muted, there are a lot of other resources mentioned that can be used. Also one can replay or share what he/she has just seen/heard. 

5. One drawback for rapid searchers would be the time factor where if it were text, just a ctrl+f would find the term we searched for, but here it would be waiting for the piece of information to flow in the form of A/V. 
     Otherwise it is too good to know information at ease, the female voice is another good choice. Good if they had a male voice too, might be an option just to add on. 

     P.S : It is also rumored/feared/hoped that Microsoft may approach Qwiki for an offer. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

RockMelt !

     www.rockmelt.com. But requires an invite. May be its for SEO (Who Knows ;)

     It's like listening to a love song ! Been waiting for a RockMelt invite and now I'm on IT !! 

     There would be nothing more than writing about it, or blogging about it. 

     Waiting for an invite makes u want it all the more, and once you get it you are mad to use how awesome it is and to check if it's truly that cool as the intro video :) And to be frank, its one of a kind which sure is "handy on networking sites". 

     Facebook and Twitter on your right and Facebook chat on your left. 
     The thing is you will be able to see who among your FB friends are online, even when you are offline, but you will never get invisible on Facebook (Oh, How much I wish! ;)
     Looking almost like Chrome it sure has taken the speed feature from it and as most browsers now have the intro screen and the tabbed homepage with the recently or most used pages. 
     Sharing on Facebook or Twitter is handy and FB notifications are cool too. There are options to add feeds for updates from other sites too. Just copy and paste the RSS feed and allow yourself the ease of not tabbing the browser, for sites like GMail or Facebook or Twitter. 
     And also you're on a website and click the share button, RockMelt add a shorter URL by itself. 
     A demerit I find is the clash between chats. Pop-ups on FB chat is an irritation if you have a lot of people wanting to say "Hi". And typing in different sited chats is sure a clash ! 

     Am I missing something. I feel so, because now being on RockMelt need more of a digging job to do ... Gotta Update ! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Some useful softwares

Boomerang for Gmail:

This is a plugin for Gmail to schedule the sending and receiving  your mail. For more details visit: http://www.baydin.com/boomerang4gmail/

Email Oracle: 

Add this to Gmail to track your Emails when the receiver opens your mails from his/her inbox. For more details visit: https://emailoracle.com/


This is an application to manage upto 5 Gmail accounts. For more details visit: http://members.multiweb.nl/kevin/spiffy/

Mini Lyrics:

This is a plugin to display the lyrics in different personalized forms. It is too good to see the lyrics with transparent background floating at a part of your screen. For more details visit: http://www.crintsoft.com/ 


A software to recover the 'shift+deleted' files on your computer. Details here: http://www.piriform.com/recuva


An application to edit pictures and a folders bar to quickly browse through the pictures in your computer. Download form here: http://www.xnview.com/