Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peek a Boo, The

"Search" ! 

What does strike you when it hits your ears ? I don't know about you, but I think of the G word. Default. 

The search results has just shown some improvisations which are pretty "cool". 

Lets just call it the peek-a-boo preview, its a pane now and feels efficient and used-to in the very first look. 

Its pretty impressive the way it floats and fixes to one side of the page and yet shows the exact preview of the page under the hover of the mouse. 

Click on the preview, it takes you to the respective page. Scroll on the right side of the page to keep the preview constant and browse over the results.  Scroll to the left to close the preview and continue your search. 

The above screenshot is to prove nothing but sheer common sense. Illegible fonts or writings on the preview are legibly boxed in grey. And for closing the preview. Default.  

I must say, the peek shows the most incompatible view of the site under peek. But the site in the preview is pretty good on any screen. Pity me. Wanna test it ? here you go: Let me know if you have viewing issues with my site. 

I'm not satisfied with the Gooooooogle page navigation when it is aligned to the left. But can you help it ? The new "peek-a-boo" column is neat. I'm a *swinger, help me. 

*swinger- of thoughts. Of course. 


  1. Awesome work with the screenshots.
    But Im confused with a particular thing in your post. Its said in your post that its availabe only in the ncr, I suppose you are wrong, Or Google has updated before you would blog about it. Whatever, It works in domian, I've tried with other country domains too, It does work :)

  2. I must have checked it right ?! And I did ! It wasn't on when I was blogging about it. But now it is. And I've edited the post too. :)


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