Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Windows 8- to- be - A peek on what's new !

The .iso file that was released on the 14th of September by Microsoft was almost 5 GB in size and was the most awaited file of the Window 8 Developer Preview. 

Looks more like windows 7, except for a few more added features and user interfaces, which is very much welcome by users specially those of tablet PC's. 

I, now have a dual boot with Win 7 and Win 8. And here is how you do it: 

1. Download the Developer Preview from here: 
2. Use a new drive space that has almost 20 GB and name it win8 or however you'd like it. 
3. Burn the . ISO image file to a USB or DVD using the Windows USB/ DVD tool, click here to download
4. Now boot off with the DVD and setup using the custom way and select the 20GB space. 

Now, lets go with something like a photo blog. Here are the features I noticed:  

The "Start" page looks something like this, And its called the "METRO look" sounds like AERO right ?!

Search for files the normal way, just click the windows button and type the name of the file or start typing on the Start screen. 

The Market place: 

 The CHARM, recently trademarked by Microsoft is this feature that pops the functionalities and the time and date, when the mouse hovers over the extreme left bottom of the screen. So the right is to show the desktop and the left is now engaged too with the "charm", guess there will be something for the other corners too :P 

The ribbon on all windows is the new added feature but I still don't understand why there are two ways of doing things. The right click -> New, has the same features as that of the "New Item" button on the ribbon. The "Copy Path" is a good one though. 

The drivers are also installed by searching for it online, just like in windows 7, but I felt some diff in speed. 

On clicking on any icon on the START metro, this page appears as a welcome screen, looks richer. 

The menu look similar to the older one, for a few more options and the Lock screen is so cool with a HD wallpaper and a few important icons like the battery, connectivity, your mails etc,. 

To be updated as Part II... 


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