Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Android !

Hope I was caught up with my Android (DIOR), which took me long enough to write a post, well this is techy too, so I choose my stage :) 

It's a Galaxy, I had been waiting for, after all the rumors on the enhanced touch experience on Samsung hardware and Google software. At last found my love with a combination of both. The sleek body makes me cuddle it all day round, and the interface induces all the more touching. 

Usual stuff with any gadget is to dig its features, which I had done long before my love found me. Now to experiment with it, I dug the Android market, the Kites interface, Games and Apps and all that it could provide, where I realized, without the internet enabled, this would have been just another toy to me. 

Having enabled all social media on DIOR, I started testing the quality of browsing experience which was more than ordinary, and good enough to view sites. Also some apps I liked were, LAYAR, SHAZAM, BARCODE READER, SKYPE, PHOTOSHOP, GESTURE SEARCH, ZEDGE, URBAN DICTIONARY, DOLPHIN BROWSER and in games I'm in love with TRAFFIC JAM and ANGRY BIRDS, which keep me occupied even for hours ! 

Messaging with SWIPE is another cool thing you'll fall in love with. Otherwise the features of all Galaxy android phones will be up on numerous sites, so that I'll not be required to repeat them here. (Reference)

Life feels much easier with this, psychologically things that you love when are closer to you makes you feel that way. I get up in the morning I touch my mail/ Facebook, I still don't have to open the lid for just tiny things like checking mail. 

See you in another post soon !