Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogger Dynamic Views

Have a blog ?! Of course you do, if not get yourself one at blogger.com

The new DYNAMIC VIEWS in blogger, is featured in this post apart from other solid features blogger has. 

Javascript it is ! Just add "/view" without quotes to your blogger URL Eg. ______.blogspot.com/view and view the page in a different view without the background. The default view is the sidebar view which is decent and quick, enabling distress free viewing of the posts. 

This is the sidebar view of my movie blog. The index for the numbers are as follows: 

1. Click the down arrow to edit the URL of the blog address. 
2. Navigate through different posts. 
3. Number of comments received by the post. 
4. Change the view using the drop down. 
5. Search the posts on the blog. 

The only drawback I find is the font color clash when its nearly similar to the one as the background of the view. 

See you in another post soon ! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I +1'ed it !

Playing after a long pause,

This post will be discussing on the "+1" button, where +1 means 'like' or suggest as per Google.com

Basically this is an experiment (http://www.google.com/experimental/), where by following the steps one is allowed to suggest his/her favorite sites to the world.

Similar to a Facebook like button is the +1 button, which works only on the google.com search.

So this is how it looks like from my account, 

And this from another account, 

So, to start using it, just follow the instructions on the experimental site and get going on google.com, which looks much better in looks and efficiency then google.co.in 

Also use it for your site, Click here