Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goooooooooooooogle !

"Ah snap!, Google used the best idea I had in mind !", methinks.  

"Oh Shucks!, I'm not able to run the new voice feature, except Chrome and Rockmelt !", others grieve. 

Image Search:

Integrating it into your search is one best thing to do, Google! Dragging and dropping the image is another notable feature. 

The results are pretty much amazing while considering the contrast and nature of posing in the photo/ image. Standing stills render similar standing ones, so is it with the brightness or contrast. "Visually Similar".

Voice Search:

The voice search feature of Google, is good with my voice! Seems the android feature was used. Results are next to accurate. Instant/ prerendering_technology is enabled in this as well. 

Myself, being familiar with Speech recognition, well this has impressed me, regarding the control of the language. 

But this feature has not yet appeared on the (not to be found on too) site. You still have to go to (no country redirect)

Search Environment:

(Apologies for the "search term" and the large snapshot.)

A large white space as Google has always wanted, the fields on the left entirely changed and only 'red' appears for now, may be will be added later. Underlining still exists, which was rumored to be removed.

Well, for me, looks spacious and elegant!

Refernce Videos: