Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shorten your Google+ profile URL

Use these links to do so, but people regret since there is not a direct one from Google, which might say or something similar to that. 

I believe Google is still working on something different to a vanity URL ! 


P.S: These links are in no way related to Google. 

The post that can't be named yet- PART II

The Facts that were left behind in Part I.

Google +: 

Instant Upload: 

Download the Google+ app to your android (only Android :). Snaps are automatically/ instantly uploaded to Google+'s Instant Upload which you can later share to your circles or everyone ! 


The Google Sandbar on Gmail contains Google+ notifications. But the bar on G+ does not have one for Gmail.


Now you can preview Gmail's 'yet-to-be-released' now look ! Go to your themes tab in Gmail settings and select the "Preview" theme which also consists of a denser version. I'm on it and in a getting-used-to-it phase !

Google Search:

The morph of the new look of the Google can be explained by the following images: 

Search button is now a lens, links on the left have gone "red", links related to the search items in green are now just below the search results. 

The logos also seem a bit reduced in size and bit embedded and dull, due to a grayed background strip. 

The page which consisted a major of BLUE now consists of RED. 

Today's Update: ---> 

The logo has blue, red, green and yellow on its logo, so does the search page ! Links and search lens in Blue, links on the left in Red, links in the search results in Green and Goooooooooogle page navigation in yellow. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The post that can't be named yet

Google Plus is rumored to be the new Facebook, But I'd find some very diverse functionalities which we are supposed to get used to. So many features that you might tend to even forget them. 

- Awesome UI
- Being a sub domain of, "plus" keeps reminding that its a part of the Google family. Thank goodness its not just

- Circles: This is a pretty different feature a cool one too. Sharing different stuff with different types of people. But not to mention its sometimes a con feature, increases SNR (as said on Techcrunch).

- Profile: Looks clean with legible font. 

Options menu allows you to disable comments and prevent reshare. About, shows your Google profile. Photos, Videos, +1's and Buzz are very obvious for further explanations. Profile Picture can be flipped to choose among options. 

- Photos: Sync them with your Picasa. View albums from your circle of friends and comment on it, which has a different look and feel. Scrolling the mouse can navigate through the pictures. 

- Home

Notifications on the right contains many functionalities like commenting back on the notification box and navigation. 

Stream has many functionalities too like "incoming" has posts which people out of your circle are sharing. 

Sparks has personalized posts relating the specified field like Robotics, Android etc. Google Chat feature is an unquestioned add, not surprised by the "Invisible" feature, but is welcome. 

Hangouts features video chat and resembles the literal meaning of the word itself. 

Post Share to everyone choosing Public, to limited circle of friends choosing the respective circle and also mention only the name to send a private message. Use J and K to navigate up or down. Add */ _/ - before and after the text to bold/italicize/strike. @ or + is used to tag a person to a post. Drag and drop photos to the "share" to do so with pictures. 

Takeout: Use this to download your information in a zipped format. URL:

Add me on + if you are on it. Click here to view my profile on +.
Pity, there is no vanity URL yet !
To be updated !