Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google makes me SMILE !

Who cares I have a smiling face, I smile from the inside when I find the solution to a situational problem. Majority of which are solved by a few products. Incidents would be quoted as follows:

Google Authenticator on my Android is annoying when it has to be in possession during sign- in, but even during the hardest of times I feel greatly secure with the 2- step verification.


Developing India still has villages that do not have enough internet access and I still have a few relatives there, which is very tiring, who have the basic PCs and internet connection (without USB or bluetooth).

Google+ and its Instant Upload helps me take a picture and do nothing further ! It uploads my picture automatically to my Google+. All I can do is share or just have it dormant. And the best part is that I need not have the pic on my phone anymore !


Sparks on Google+  helps me update on the latest news, technology or anything that I prefer to read, like music, robotics etc,. This kind of social networking will never leave you bored. You will always have something to do, and no doubt this is rather useful.

Google Related helps me find the related articles, even in my tiny city. Visit for more details.

This and so much more is made possible with my Android. 

What else... Wait for more !