Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peek a Boo, The

"Search" ! 

What does strike you when it hits your ears ? I don't know about you, but I think of the G word. Default. 

The search results has just shown some improvisations which are pretty "cool". 

Lets just call it the peek-a-boo preview, its a pane now and feels efficient and used-to in the very first look. 

Its pretty impressive the way it floats and fixes to one side of the page and yet shows the exact preview of the page under the hover of the mouse. 

Click on the preview, it takes you to the respective page. Scroll on the right side of the page to keep the preview constant and browse over the results.  Scroll to the left to close the preview and continue your search. 

The above screenshot is to prove nothing but sheer common sense. Illegible fonts or writings on the preview are legibly boxed in grey. And for closing the preview. Default.  

I must say, the peek shows the most incompatible view of the site under peek. But the site in the preview is pretty good on any screen. Pity me. Wanna test it ? here you go: Let me know if you have viewing issues with my site. 

I'm not satisfied with the Gooooooogle page navigation when it is aligned to the left. But can you help it ? The new "peek-a-boo" column is neat. I'm a *swinger, help me. 

*swinger- of thoughts. Of course. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Introducing the TIMELINE

Tell your life story with a new kind of profile.
This is how my profile looks after setting up the timeline ! #Cover_is_cool

This is how you do it: 
1. Search for "Developer" on the FB search bar. And click on the first one, and enable it, if in case you haven't. 
2. Go to the developers page.
3. Create a new app, just for namesake #WTH. And make sure your app is on the left bar. 
4. Now to "Open Graph" and fill in the required details, Get Started and Save Settings and some wait.
5. Refresh your profile page and TADA ! 

Now for the important part, the changes... 

Feature a post on your timeline to highlight (enlarge the view of) the post. Or use the pencil to edit or remove it. Featuring a post on wall will highlight it to everyone's view as well. 

Post the day's specialty using the extras after the "place" option. Add details and new updates that deal with your work, family, health, milestones etc,. 

Also access these when you are anywhere on the page with this 2nd static bar and just hover over the "+".

Its clustered and feels like Memolane (except for Twitter and Picasa) is integrated into Facebook.


And use the timeline on the right of your profile, to navigate to your activity on the particular month or year.

I still can't imagine I'm blogging only about the view of a Facebook profile page change !

Blog posts to be updated !

*FB Life

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's left about Windows 8 - A closer look !

For people who struggled with the screen resolution, and still are, here's a tip:

The resolution supported is 1024 x 768, but for a screen of resolution 1024 x 800, you just have to download the graphics driver from the Intel website, that is for Windows 7.

If you just delete a file, you can retrieve it by the option "Undo Delete" or from the Recycle bin. So Windows 8 does not have a pop- up window for that. Only if you shift+ delete a file, there is a pop- up window only for permanent deletion.

One of the best features while copy- pasting files or folders, is this multi- task dialog box, which shows all the actions that are related to copy- paste that occur at that point of time.

More details shows a plot, where the best thing is that you can pause an action giving room for the other/s, based on your priority. 

It help you during times when you have to overwrite a file over the other by comparing its quality (thumbnail)   and the size. 

Also to Note: 

The apps are great, but most of them are for tablets, and pity me, I'm on a laptop/ notebook. 
You can get out of a lock screen is to double click on the screen. 
Hover them mouse to the left of the Metro screen to see the open window on the main screen. 
Scroll on the Metro to navigate on the horizontal axis. 

The Windows 8- to- be - A peek on what's new !

The .iso file that was released on the 14th of September by Microsoft was almost 5 GB in size and was the most awaited file of the Window 8 Developer Preview. 

Looks more like windows 7, except for a few more added features and user interfaces, which is very much welcome by users specially those of tablet PC's. 

I, now have a dual boot with Win 7 and Win 8. And here is how you do it: 

1. Download the Developer Preview from here: 
2. Use a new drive space that has almost 20 GB and name it win8 or however you'd like it. 
3. Burn the . ISO image file to a USB or DVD using the Windows USB/ DVD tool, click here to download
4. Now boot off with the DVD and setup using the custom way and select the 20GB space. 

Now, lets go with something like a photo blog. Here are the features I noticed:  

The "Start" page looks something like this, And its called the "METRO look" sounds like AERO right ?!

Search for files the normal way, just click the windows button and type the name of the file or start typing on the Start screen. 

The Market place: 

 The CHARM, recently trademarked by Microsoft is this feature that pops the functionalities and the time and date, when the mouse hovers over the extreme left bottom of the screen. So the right is to show the desktop and the left is now engaged too with the "charm", guess there will be something for the other corners too :P 

The ribbon on all windows is the new added feature but I still don't understand why there are two ways of doing things. The right click -> New, has the same features as that of the "New Item" button on the ribbon. The "Copy Path" is a good one though. 

The drivers are also installed by searching for it online, just like in windows 7, but I felt some diff in speed. 

On clicking on any icon on the START metro, this page appears as a welcome screen, looks richer. 

The menu look similar to the older one, for a few more options and the Lock screen is so cool with a HD wallpaper and a few important icons like the battery, connectivity, your mails etc,. 

To be updated as Part II...