Friday, December 9, 2011

Twitter changes "Just In Time" !

A new UI from the side of Twitter, just as expected, and just on time, because its the end of the year already ! 

Sleek and with much ease is the new Twitter interface !  A look at the Official page, might be the usual way, but hands on ? read on ! 

Twitter with the gray static bar on top and its rufus look. Apologies to people on the page. 

Let's take a closer look on the gray static bar. The @Connect, the mentions part, has interactions and mentions separated which was all the more expected. Thanks be to Twitter. 

Now to #Discover, the searching part, with stories that show more graphical and currently hashed terms. Activity seems to be inherited from the old look. Who to follow suggestions the usual. 

Your profile page would look something like this: 

Okay now with the fresh feeling lets get into the important part which might be considered catchy. 

Clicking on the name of a profile might open a box like such and clicking on the name might take you to its page, which also has the new look. To be prompt, you will be able to see the look on everything else on Twitter, its not like the Facebook timeline, that is, specific to the developers. 

Let's give Twitter some credit and move onto the profile page of twitter. Has a bit of a white space in comparison to the old one, pretty clear information about the tweets, following and followers, Tweet to Twitter/person makes it more simple for mentions. *On the picture* [I was just about to inform Twitter about my blogging.]. The screen with its 3 frames makes navigation easier an the left pane that has all the functionalities or the major of it, might make you thank Twitter again. 

In the previous screenshot the first tweet is "opened" so that you can see all of its contents. There is a close feature (obviously) on the Gbar, just as the one below. 

This is all that I saw, during my first look. 

Wanna see the new twitter ? Okay this is what I did: 

1.) I downloaded the new twitter to my android from the market. Link

2.) Then I tweeted about the new look by hash tagging it, like #newtwitter. 

This is all I did and would love to have your comments on how you feel about the new look.