Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What A Charm ! Phone+Tablet=Phablet

     Having got it on 5-2-2012, I've spent quite a lot of time with my Note. Having felt free with its size, I did dig upon the features even before I got it. Having gone all through the features and going mad over it, I got it, but never felt the need to open it. Because I wanted to do an unboxing video, f**k that thought. I carefully ripped open the box after an hour and booted it with all my soul. Also, it took me around 3 days to believe it was mine. 
     This post will sweep around what I found on my Note. It is big, agreed but I still love it for its specs and performance. Pardon me for making it look small here. Its exactly 5.3", and as many say its uncomfortable for people with small hands/fingers, its not, actually I think I have smaller-than-average fingers and its a fit in my palm.  

The HOME and the APP DRAWER screenshots. Don't call me a bimbo considering the wallpaper, I just wanted it to be simple. 

     It has this wonderful feature called the S-Pen which is its extreme factor. You can draw, gesture your phone, take a screenshot (Press the button on the pen and hold the pen tip on the screen), edit, do what-not with it. Another way of taking screenshot is to swipe your whole palm (perpendicular to the phone) on the screen from left to right or vice versa with the tiny finger touching the screen. 

The S Memo that lets you draw or take notes on your Note. 

     You can also use the Note as your organizer. Just click on the S planner and get going with you schedules. Just pinch to move from day to 3 days then to week and month and then the year. 

The S Planner


     The 8mp camera on the backside and the 2mp on the front. Takes brilliant pictures and supports a no-big-diff flash, sometimes there is. 

The camera settings

     The image resolution is way better than in the screen shot below and it can give you the finest yet. OLED is never bad. You will love the screen if you are a big fan of HD images/movies/videos.

The amount of zoom you get on the Note


     The Note runs on Gingerbread 2.3.6 and it waits for the promised ICS, which will be out officially for the Note sometime in 2012. 

The Note's config info and the "Battery Usage"

     Kudos to the Image editor, and its features that you see on the advertisement.You can select the specific are perfectly and play with it by 'copying it to another image' or iterate it on the same image. 

The Image Editor atmosphere and the selection features you can do on it. 

The Video Editor is also a great feature where you can edit your movies.

The Task Manager of the Note.

     The best part when you can: tilt with your fingers on either ends of the screen to zoom, pan to move icons to other pages of the home screen, shake to update or scan for devices while bluetooth is ON and turn over the phone to mute. 

The Motion option in settings.


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