Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Better 'Plus' +)

Oh my goodness, is that a smile ? Oh yes, people are happy with the new Google Plus, all tangy with its new User Interface.

Very little colors and so much gray, its still a better place to spend your time.

The UI has the ribbon, which is to the left and a few changes/pros like the better tabs for navigation, and the white space which is in excess, is a major con. Now people make fun of it too !

Here are a few screen shots,

The profile page where "I see myself", you can show who you are using the cover (oopsie) the tiles. Below are the home, photos, and the explore.

Its this thing that makes Google Plus special: 

The ribbon, like the one on Microsoft Office (oppsie, here goes another one), is very handy when you don't have to navigate away to another page. It seriously feels like that. You don't have to wait for the other page to load, its so fast and and.... so new ! 

More gives you what's hidden from the ribbon. 

The interface with the photos, the way the box acts when you click to see the activity, starting a hangout on a topic you just posted are all so wow ! 

I don't think its copying facebook, or anything else for that matter. I could be wrong but remember, so could you ! 
There is actually so much more. I let you to go do the digging. Visit Google Plus and don't forget to add me: Indhuja Pillai


  1. This is the first time I am hitting this URL.. Good reads.. Keep going..



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