Saturday, April 7, 2012

No iPhone or a Droid ? Now there is Instagram for Windows !

There was Instagram for Android recently, We felt we had everything, but we still miss something. Worry not, now you have Instagrille or Instagram itself for Windows !

Instagrille led me to Pokki, which is like soo bloggable *wink* (thus the post).

All I did was click this link to download Instagrille : Link

Took a while to download and I found that something called Pokki is hosting this Instagrille thing. And I was like "girl ! Instagrille is gonna make Pokki so famous" but then I noticed something. Plethora apps that are built on HTML5 too.

Pics are worth a thousand words, also worth a smile. So here you go,

You've got notifications ! sweet.

The 'Nut" was clicked and awesome things were found, to check my other GMail account, Twitter, Tumblr and IMDB (oh yeah !)

I don't quite know what the hell is the difference between the Instagrille and Instagram app. The UI ? alright, but what else ? HTML5 ? The notifications are on the Instagram app, not the Instagrille one. One similarity is that they both lack the feature to upload pics from your PC. But you can still see the popular ones, the feed and your profile.

The apps: INSTAGRILLE        


GMail , Tumlr, Twitter, Movies+ and lots more you can get. 

Still we need what we don't have, so please bring us the upload feature on Instagram app and a few more games like the Angry birds space and let us connect to the cloud and our Droid. I have a few more requests, if only you could lend your ears. 

You made me a Pokki user, you can do anything in this world *wink* 


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