Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The cloud just got easier !

It was exactly the time I left to doze off, when the mail regarding Google Drive came up. With no regret at all, I started to download GDrive. Screenshots coming up. 

Yes it syncs and does all that stuff what you do on Dropbox or Skydrive. But it does quite a lot more. I'd say Drive's ways are impressive on the very first look. Lets just see what it can do and cannot too. 

It can respond to changes, faster and also its kindah an upgraded version of the Google Docs (just so you know). 

You can save so much time, by just sharing the link and giving your friend just the link. Its just so simple when he/she just has to click the link and enjoy the stuff without even downloading it, because there is the online viewer on the new Google Docs.

Below is the screenshot where I sent a file to myself, to another mail of mine. #ForeverAlone

Oh yes ! You can also integrate third party apps, download them from here: Drive Apps

Pixl Editor and Express are the third party apps I've installed. 

One of the best things is that you can view almost 30 different types of files, including Photoshop files (.PSD), Illustrator files, HD Videos and approx. 27 more. 

This Cloud storage is not exclusive to Android. There is an iPhone/iPad app that is to be out in a few weeks and you can also use it on your Mac. 'i' users can use it via their web browsers, now. And Linux users don't have access to the Google Drive, yet. 

The Android app allows you to access files and share, but when you have to open a file, it requires download. Why is that happening ? I don't think I have an answer to that. 

Google Drive offers 5GB for free, but I'd say its just the beginning. Skydrive gives you 25 GB for free, after being out in 2007, it took SD 5 years to give 25 GB for free. How long is it going to take GD ? 

I'd suggest we give some time for our new little impressive newbie. #GoogleDrive

Another feature is the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that is implemented in GD. Imagine you want to search for a word in an image file, Search it in the search box and you have the word in the image showing up as a result.

And you can also edit the contents of an image file. Tick the options in 'Upload Settings' and get going. 

So, its a hope that GMail/Android users will find it much simpler and easier to sync, which might make them dump their previously used cloud services and take up Google Drive. 

Some still say Skydrive gives all this and 25Gb free. But I am quite sure Google will increase the space in a while, integrate more of third party apps and win users from B, DB and SD.  

Let the (cloud) battle begin.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Better 'Plus' +)

Oh my goodness, is that a smile ? Oh yes, people are happy with the new Google Plus, all tangy with its new User Interface.

Very little colors and so much gray, its still a better place to spend your time.

The UI has the ribbon, which is to the left and a few changes/pros like the better tabs for navigation, and the white space which is in excess, is a major con. Now people make fun of it too !

Here are a few screen shots,

The profile page where "I see myself", you can show who you are using the cover (oopsie) the tiles. Below are the home, photos, and the explore.

Its this thing that makes Google Plus special: 

The ribbon, like the one on Microsoft Office (oppsie, here goes another one), is very handy when you don't have to navigate away to another page. It seriously feels like that. You don't have to wait for the other page to load, its so fast and and.... so new ! 

More gives you what's hidden from the ribbon. 

The interface with the photos, the way the box acts when you click to see the activity, starting a hangout on a topic you just posted are all so wow ! 

I don't think its copying facebook, or anything else for that matter. I could be wrong but remember, so could you ! 
There is actually so much more. I let you to go do the digging. Visit Google Plus and don't forget to add me: Indhuja Pillai

Saturday, April 7, 2012

No iPhone or a Droid ? Now there is Instagram for Windows !

There was Instagram for Android recently, We felt we had everything, but we still miss something. Worry not, now you have Instagrille or Instagram itself for Windows !

Instagrille led me to Pokki, which is like soo bloggable *wink* (thus the post).

All I did was click this link to download Instagrille : Link

Took a while to download and I found that something called Pokki is hosting this Instagrille thing. And I was like "girl ! Instagrille is gonna make Pokki so famous" but then I noticed something. Plethora apps that are built on HTML5 too.

Pics are worth a thousand words, also worth a smile. So here you go,

You've got notifications ! sweet.

The 'Nut" was clicked and awesome things were found, to check my other GMail account, Twitter, Tumblr and IMDB (oh yeah !)

I don't quite know what the hell is the difference between the Instagrille and Instagram app. The UI ? alright, but what else ? HTML5 ? The notifications are on the Instagram app, not the Instagrille one. One similarity is that they both lack the feature to upload pics from your PC. But you can still see the popular ones, the feed and your profile.

The apps: INSTAGRILLE        


GMail , Tumlr, Twitter, Movies+ and lots more you can get. 

Still we need what we don't have, so please bring us the upload feature on Instagram app and a few more games like the Angry birds space and let us connect to the cloud and our Droid. I have a few more requests, if only you could lend your ears. 

You made me a Pokki user, you can do anything in this world *wink* 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hereby welcome you to the Robot

     After quite some amount of time, Instagram has now finally made its way to the robot or the Android, the (only) way in which iPhone users were able to produce stunning pictures, is now on one of the most popular mobile operating system- Android.

So here is the link to download it from the Play Store.

People who were about to move to iPhones (just) because of this app, are now safe. But yes, it has a few glitches, not having been launched in beta. The teeny faults that are found are the missing tilt-shift feature, unable to move to SD card, not having a live preview of the filters (yet) and a bug that says your photo is "too small" while trying to upload.

A few screen shots wouldn't hurt, they are the obvious options that are present on the instagram screen. They are the feed, popular, news and profile (where you can do a hashtag search)

iP users find it glitchy that Android users get a "processing" screen before uploading, trust me, we are used to it. And the filters are just as much as that on the other type, except for, as mentioned earlier there is no tilt shift blur effects.

But why worry, there is always something called an "update" which either gives you a smile or a headache depending on the source.

Now you have something extra on your Android, in addition to StreamZoo and Pixlr-o-Matic and whatever else android users, did use. And btw, fyi PicShop Lite has tilt shift. 

Hope that was a round-up. And we are really happy its out for android, the fast upload and the small image size. 

And follow me on #Instagram @indhuja / Indhuja Pillai (hope there is only one)