Friday, May 25, 2012

Galaxy Note ICS update in India

There are 2 ways of doing that. Via Samsung Kies and OTA (over-the-air)

The OTA method: 

Goto Settings --> About Phone --> Software Update --> Update. If you have Wifi then do so, or only GPRS, then uncheck the Wifi only option and update/download it.

The update file is around 36 MB, but if you haven't updated your Note for a while, you would get something higher than that.

As usual, it reboots a few times. 

If there are no more updates available and you are still on the old version (with a few minor changes to the UI) continue with the Kies method. 

The Kies method: 

Download Kies from here

And connect your phone. I din't succeed on Windows 8 CP. So I had to shift to Windows 7. 

Update Kies. You will probably see that a new firmware version is available for you device. Click Update. 

There is nothing much you will have to do. Just do not disturb the connections and if you have a slow or dodgy internet connection you will have a very hard time doing the upgrade. 

You will find that your phone has Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS is just as smooth as Ice Cream. ICS is very much different from GB, which means, you'll just have to dig deeper. 

I still haven't because I wanted to write about the success of upgrading after a war between me and my internet connection. 

Let me know if you had any problems, because I had a few myself, I'd love to solve it along with you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facebook- To do and not to do

     Now after Facebook IPO and Mark's marriage, I find "now" is the best time to write about what Facebook-ing is all about. 

     You'd probably love to be on Facebook, or be bored at times. But there are a few things you need to watch out when you are on it. There are so many things to be kept track of, lets start from the very beginning, a very good place to start, right ?

     Remember this page ? Yes this page is the first impression you'd make on the Facebook servers. Enter your name in the First name column and if you have a second name put it in the last name column or else just add in your father's name, its not very professional when you add adjectives or your college's name. Please do not segregate your name. As in Ra + hul 

     Next you find friends, and import or whatever. Or if you want to get out of that page click on the page links on the top of the page and reach your profile or home page. You can then find friends using the search. 

     Its always better when you add a picture of yourself. One in which you will be able to be identified by your friends, but not exposed. Revealing one's self is of great importance, because you know these days from recruiting to matrimony search everything happens via Facebook and other few networking sites. I've experienced the former. Take your time to fill out your profile. Because "YOU ARE WHAT YOUR PROFILE SAYS ABOUT YOU". Specially when you are adding strangers, it comes handy. Its not required that you fill in every part and provide so much detail, but the very important parts would do. 

     Finish off everything regarding your details and I'd suggest you add the very important/best friends and/or relatives first, and then via the feeds increase your network by adding those that talk sense. The next important thing is to put them in a list, might help you getting organised or just help at times. Add to Interest Lists -> New List. You're already on FB without lists? If you don't have a great list of friends you can still try adding lists. 

     After adding only people you know, check your privacy settings. you can Edit Settings and choose what is necessary. Its not very essential to keep your profile picture link to other profile pictures of yours. To remove the link, or hide the profile pictures album, Get into the album and change its visibility. Similarly for the other albums, choose edit album and edit the settings to what you require. 

     If you don't yet have the timeline, its about time you get it. Because the cover picture lets you add a cover for your profile and keep track of whatever you are doing on Facebook. The cover can also be used to know who you are, so choose wisely. Highlight posts, for people to know what you want them to know. 

     Spam is one thing that flourishes on Facebook, but its safe to keep yourself away from it. And how to do that ? you ask ? Sometimes its by experience and sometimes its by being over cautious, so as to click absolutely no links on Facebook. Either way you will be saved, but the former will make you rule. 

     Chat with people keeping your privacy in mind. Do not share phone numbers unless and until you know who you are giving it to. Sometimes you will not be chatting with someone who you think you are chatting with. Because the Facebook credentials (username/password) are now-a-days shared between 2 or 3 friends. Don't do that. 

     There are things that are supposed to be posted, comment, and messaged, upon post. You, my friend, are supposed to qualify things accordingly and comment on necessary ones and for the others you find good/bad, message the required person. This is of quite some importance because whatever you do will reach your friend's news feed. And if you have many friends, no one would like your (seriously) regular activity.

"Your status is who you are."
"Facebook can ruin you or teach you a lesson."

     I'm not sure what I've missed, if in case you have any queries, ask me in person at or comment right away. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photoshop CS6 Beta

Photoshop CS6.

The best time to blog/know about its beta because, brace yourselves, its going to be out in around 30 days.

The beta has a major UI redesign and a dark background with around 65 new features added. The early beta versions of PS CS6 are code-named "Superstition" with a cat in white.

The coolest features are listed here and the possibility of you getting creative via the Creative cloud is now at $49.99, wait for it, per month. Here you go, the details:  "Adobe Creative Cloud"

Moving on, to the features, now, we've got quite some stuff to cover, almost 60% feature changes, as said by Bryan, its Sr. product manager. He says Photoshop listens to users via social media, well, that's a plus.

Content Aware Move Tool

The content aware tool had so much buzz, now its content aware move tool will provide all the more duplicity to your photos. With the fewest clicks possible.

Behold, the best of it is yet to come. The blur opens an enhanced way of modifying the amount and position of the blur you want to use. Tilt shift is just so cool. What's really cool is how well you can play with it.
Filter --> Blur

Straightening wide angle images
Straightening your fish-eyed/wide angle images would never have been simpler. Filter --> Adaptive Wide angle...

The whole interface is different when you now crop an image, it has been made to rely on the graphics of your system and for efficient running it also helps you with your processor speed and performance. The dimensions are also displayed, with a more centralized view of the cropped pixels. Its similar for straighten too.

The auto option in almost every adjustment makes it efficient enough to get the perfect view-able image in a single click.

The autosave option can come in handy at times. You just have to get used to it in Photoshop, thats all. 

Now you can also do some editing to your videos on Photoshop, believe it or not, yes you can.

There are many other features, like the size of the brush increased to 500px., skin tone and face detection, JDIs (Just Do It features), file recovery, system requirements and lot more.

Change the appearance/interface, file handling functions via Edit --> Preferences --> *required option

For JDI, skin tone and system requirements click here.

Photoshop CS6 Beta - Part II

JDI (Just Do It)

 Category JDI Notes
BrushesOption for HUD brush vertical movement to adjust opacity instead of hardnessEnable this change in Preferences
 Maximum brush size increased to 5000px 
 Change color dynamics to per stroke instead of per tipUser can revert to old behavior
 Brightness/contrast slider for textures when painting 
 Brush projection for static tips 
 Brush cursor reflects brush dynamics for round and captured tips 
EyedropperShow the sample size popup for the various eyedropper tools 
 Option to ignore adjustment layers for the eyedropper toolNew menu item in the Options bar pulldown
 New mode for eyedropper to select layers current and belowNew menu item in the Options bar pulldown
File FormatsRead common stereo image pair formats (JPS, PNS) 
 Allow for more bit depths in TIFF files 
 Read BIGTIFF format 
 Give the user choices regarding how they want transparency treated in OpenEXR on file open 
GrammarStandardized grammar throughout app 
 Use consistent grammar style in the title of dialog windowsNo commands such as 'Choose a color:'
LayersAdded a contextual menu item that deletes a layer effect instead of just disabling it 
 Added dither options to Layer Styles for Gradient Overlay and Gradient Stroke 
 Keyboard shortcut of 00 to set layer opacity to 0%Use Shift+00 to set fill opacity to 0%
 Added bicubic sharper & bicubic smoother options when free transforming layers 
 Allow changing of blend modes for multiple layers simultaneously 
 Allow locking of multiple layers 
 Allow Cmd+J to duplicate layers and layer group 
 Allow changing of color labels for multiple layers simultaneously 
 Layer tooltips to include layer nameWorks only if a name is defined
 Opt+click on toggle arrows (groups and effects) in layer panel to close all targets 
 Show blend if/Blending Effects badge on layer 
 Show correct opacity and blend mode values for hidden layers 
 Tab goes to next layer on inline layer rename, Shift+Tab goes to previous 
 New command to raster layer effect into layer, merging the selected layers into themselves 
 Reorder effects in the layers palette to match the Z-­­order style/blend mode 
LiquifyResize Liquify brush with shortcuts 
 Increased maximum Liquify brush size and added option to load last mesh 
PresetsAdded new document presets for common devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.) 
 Added new Gradient Map presets for toning and split-toning 
 Sticky reorganization of tool presetsChanges maintained after re-launch
 Added Contact Sheet II as an Automation option 
SDKAdded the ability to return an array of guides in a document from the scripting SDK 
 Added the ability to access the tool name associated with the tool preset name via scripting 
SelectionsMarquee, lasso, and mask panel feather values support decimal placesMatches the feather dialog
 Remember feather radius when showing dialog for selection from a path 
TransformImproved dragging of vector curves 
 Don't hide smart object icon when transforming a layer 
 Undo or disable auto-­­rotate on open 
UIRemoved the app bar and reduced the size of the drag/app bar by more than 30% 
 Windows: New/open document options added to context click on a document tabPreviously a Mac-only feature
 Added 'Don't show again' checkbox to Purge warnings 
MiscellaneousEnabled Split Channels for documents with layers 
 Select Hex field by default and allow clipboard pastes with '#' in contentsCannow use #fffffff for example
 Increased GPU stability by prequalifying GPUs on the fly before use 
 Auto-­­select the best resample method based on the type of resize 
 Enabled Invert and Threshold adjustments for masks in 32 -­­bit 
 Holding Shift during startup disables 3rd party plugins 
 Added warning message that 16 ­­bit images cannot display their file size in the Save as JPEG dialog 

Skin Tone selection
Select --> Color Range --> Skin Tones

System Requirements
The minimum system requirements for Photoshop have changed, particularly for Mac users. Photoshop CS6 does not support 32-bit Macs. You must be running a 64-bit Intel processor and OS 10.6 or higher (read this Apple support document to determine whether your Mac has a 64-bit processor). On the Windows side, minimum requirements are Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 2, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Photoshop CS6 uses its Monaco Engine to leverage the video card's GPU for many more tasks than in previous versions. Therefore the suggested minimum amount of memory for video cards is 512MB of VRAM.